Christian Hip Hop & Rap Mix

Short mix of songs I put together. Song List: 1. my Funerals soundtrack – Stephen the Levite 2.Revolutionary Theme Muzik – R-swift 3.Ain’t Me – Andale’ 4. Churchposter Boy – Kaleb starr

Top Old School Rap songs

Song list- 1.)Ain’t No Future In Yo Frontin- MC Breed 2.)Trigga Gots No Heart- Spice 1 3.)I Got To Have It- Ed OG & Da Bulldogs 4.)All Day Everyday- South Central Cartel AKA SCC 5.)Dre Day- Dr. Dre ft. Snoop Dogg 6.)Final Frontier- MC Ren 7.)The Murda Show- Spice 1 ft. MC Eiht 8.)Papaz Song- 2Pac ft. Mopreme Shakur(THUGLIFE) 9.)It Ain’t Hard To Tell- Nas 10.)Check Yo Self(Remix)- Ice Cube 11.)Chief Rocka- Lords of The Underground 12.)No Peace- South Central Cartel ft. Spice 1,Treach,Ice-T,Ant Banks,Boss. This is what Rap should sound like!Not Soldier Boy and lil gayne and young sleezy and TI Fuck all these fake motherfuckers who just sound like shit to be honest. No style, no originality(OG), Horrible voices, no skill, repetitive songs, and just shitty as fuck!!!!!!!! Thank You For Watching and as always…KEEP IT GANGSTA AND NOT MAINSTREAM!

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Best Female Rapper in Korea (English Subbed)

This is a story about a girl who’s forced to live as a stranger in Korea, enduring racial prejudice. Tasha (korean name- yoon mi rae) is half African American and half Korean. as she grew up, she had a hard time searching for self identity. Yeah, korea was a sort of narrow minded society colorwise. The situation is getting better though, i think it’s still not better enough. feel sorry for her and ashamed for this 🙁 Go Tasha!! U ROCKS!! * Black Happiness by Tasha My skin was dark from my past People used to point at me Even at my mom Even at my dad who was black, and in the army People whisper behind my back Said this and said that I always had tears in my eyes Although I was young I saw my mother’s sadness Everything seemed like it was my fault Because of my guilt I washed my face everytime during the day With my tears I melt the white soap I always hated my dark skin why O why Does the world judge me When I hate the world I close my eyes I put my soul into the music my father gave me I feel the volume And fly higher and higher Far away la musique (When I hate the world) (Music soothes me) (you gotta hold on) (and love yourself) (When I hate the world) (Music raises me up) (so you gotta be strong) (you gotta hold on) (and love yourself) Time passed and I was thirteen My skin was dark brown Music doesn’t judge color They give me light I lead my music We lean on eachother I don’t feel lonely Then one day I was given a chance I held on to my microphone And suddenly I was

Lloyd Banks – Be A Gangsta

jackie o and shawnna stop frontin no this track isnt new its from 07 rap hiphop femcee female rappers chicago the chi bronx nw fl femcees femceez beef battle diss foxy brown lil kim nicki minaj foxy brown interveiw 50 cent jay-z camron fat joe big pun Remy Ma Ft Papoose-Chubb Rock Treat Em Right Freestyle *3/1/08* rap hiphop beef battle lil kim diss nicki minaj female rapper freestyle fat joe terror squad big pun cassidy swiss beats swizz whoo kid kay slay interview remy martin when i see …

Korean girl group rappers Top Ten

This is a vid of my top ten female rappers of girl groups of korea. I love this video and everyone is intiled to there own opnions, but to me looking back two months ago and seeing new girlgroup rappers I would change my list Enjoy comment subscribe and rate No copyright infringment intended