Top 10 Arabic Rappers

My PERSONAL top ten arabic rappers list. LIST: #10 Malikah – Lebanon #9 Mc Palestine – Palestine #8 Tamer Nafar Of DAM – Palestine #7 Rayess Bek of Aksser – Lebanon #6 Mc Amin – Egypt #5 Holywar Of Black Bannerz – Middle east #4 Bigg – Morocco #3 Boikutt Of Ramallah Underground – Palestine #2 Salah Edin – Morocco #1 Eslam Jawaad – Lebanon Enjoy it …

27 Replies to “Top 10 Arabic Rappers”

  1. so DAM don’t make any sence, are you sure about this. keep listening to bling bling rap.

  2. where are the algerian rappers lol don’t worry cose they dont care about ur castings cose they are real soldiers ok where is double kanon.. mbs ..karim elgang..tox …… good luck girls

  3. oh and one thing eslam jawad was taked out from the gutters of lebanon by salah edin and supported him until he bacame known . funny to rank him #1 he nowhere near the level

  4. please, the way you speak about salah edin is to much, he is like the best thing ever happend to this world. just accept others opinion.

  5. nah why should it be top # because we should have compassion for you cuz your under occupation? here we go by raw talent salah edin and cilvarings are world renouned and dont need u or anyone else to decide where they should be. they are both #1 without a contest. the rest of these rappers are a joke. cilvarings did a world tour with wu tang as well as salah edin . that right there should be enough to shut all of u up

  6. jeez -_- you really arent grown up ha ?
    he puts this video for people so they can enjoy it ..there is enough war outside so why making more war on internet ..
    just watch it if you dont like it then leave ._.

  7. Do you think Hamma servant boys ?

    Yes I dont know why people all over the world say that first arab rappers were DAM and Mwr from 1997-1998 when rap groups have existed in Algeira in 80´s.

  8. The first song sounds like the background music to fighting game like Mortal Kombat. LOL

  9. haha where is lotfi double canon / MBC / hamma / TOX / fadavex / underground /

    LOL remake a vid!
    zikdalgerie . com/ styles /rap . html

  10. ALGfunk, surely you have to have intelligence, talent, a worthy cause to rap about, and not have the DNA of a retarded goat. PS please die of cancer.

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